Rainbow Warrior

Matauri-Bay - New-Zealand

Matauri Bay is one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. It is home to the Māori hapu, or tribe, known as Ngati Kura, the tangata whenua of the area. Located in the Far North region at the northern tip of the North Island, it is also a favourite spot for tourists, surfers, fishers, and divers. The wreck of the Rainbow Warrior was towed to the bay in December 1987 after being salvaged, cleaned and patched in Auckland harbour. The vessel was buried at sea, in waters about 30 meters deep, and given a Māori ceremony and blessing. Since then she has become a habitat for countless sea creatures and a popular destination for divers from around the world.

Concept, design and realization by Kubikfoto³ GmbH, Bremen, Germany
Rainbow Warrior
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